Claims decisions

The administrative decisions posted in this section of the website form part of the mechanism employed by Defence Support Section (DSS) in resolving contract disputes with the defence lawyers. This dispute resolution mechanism is based on Paragraph 11.1 of the Legal Services Contract between UNAKRT and each defence lawyer, which reads as follows:

11 Dispute resolution
11.1 Non-Fees Disputes. Except for disputes relating to the payment of fees claimed under Paragraph 9 of this Contract, any dispute, controversy or claim between the Parties relating to the terms and conditions of this Contract shall be resolved amicably between the Contracting Co-Lawyer and the Head of the DSS. In the event that the Parties are unable to settle such dispute, controversy or claim amicably within 60 days, each Party may refer such dispute, controversy or claim to the international judge nominated by the Coordinator of UNAKRT as the UN Administrative Judge