UNAKRT seeks expressions of interest from vendors for the provision of design and outfitting services for ECCC’s archives repository and an archives resource centre

Brief Scope of Services:
UNAKRT seeks Expressions of Interest from experienced vendors to design and outfit two new functional spaces at the residual premises of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC):
1. ECCC archives repository (approx 160m2); and
2. A public information/resource/research centre (approx 160m2).
1. Background
The ECCC, to which UNAKRT provides technical assistance, is relocating to premises on Jok Dimitrov Boulevard in Phnom Penh. Under the terms of the Addendum to the UN-RGC Agreement (an international legal instrument), the ECCC is required during its residual phase to, inter alia: maintain, preserve and manage its archives; respond to requests for access to documents; and disseminate information to the public regarding the Extraordinary Chambers. The Royal Government of Cambodia and United Nations have agreed that it is vital to ensure that the archives are preserved in accordance with international standards and that they are as broadly accessible as possible. For the purpose of preserving and promoting the legacy of the Extraordinary Chambers, the ECCC must continue to provide electronic and physical access to its public archives (see Addendum, articles 2(1), 3).
2. Requirements
A. Archives repository
The ECCC’s archives contain the historical, cultural and legal patrimony of a country which has investigated atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and held to account its senior leaders and those most responsible for the crimes. The archives contain original investigative and judicial material which is unique and not available elsewhere.
To accord with international standards, storage of the ECCC’s archives must comply with the requirements of the Internaitonal Organization for Standardiztion (ISO), including:
* ISO 11799:2015 Information and documentation — Document storage requirements for archive and library materials
* ISO/TR 19815:2018 Information and documentation — Management of environmental conditions for archive and library collections
The ECCC is guided by studies and recommendations of the International Council on Archives (ICA), namely:
* Study no. 17/2015: Archive buildings in a tropical climate and with low resources
* FAQ 1 (Committee on Archival Buildings in Temperate Climates): Shelving for Archival Storage – Key Issues
There is no “one size fits all” approach to repositories; their preparation and outfitting largely depends on contextual factors including the existing and available infrastructure, supply chain and local capacities. Nevertheless, it is expected that the general principles of the above frameworks be adopted when designing and bringing into operation the ECCC’s new repository. With UNAKRT’s support, the ECCC intends to obtain ISO certification of its repository.
In designing the new repository, the successful vendor will be required to consider:

• Applicable international standards (outlined above)
• Physical and spatial properties of the designated repository
• Recommendations of archives experts relevant to the outfitting of the space, furniture, materials, surfaces, fixtures, etc (report expected in 2023)
• Adjustments based on retrofitting works (expected in 2023) and future hypoxic fire prevention system
In bringing the repository into operation — that is, complete outfitting including obtaining and implementing all interior/exterior design, MEP, FF&E etc features — the successful vendor is required to ensure the space is functional, fit and ready for purpose in accordance with applicable international standards, and aesthetically commensurate with the archive’s status as the lasting legacy of the Extraordinary Chambers.
B. Archives resource centre
To facilitate public access to the work, legacy, and historical collections of the Extraordinary Chambers, the ECCC intends to open an information/resource/research centre (approximately 160m2) on the first floor of its new premises (spatial layout similar to that shown in the Annex).
The resource centre should have the following features:
• A modern, welcoming and open walk-in environment for visitors to work, conduct research, and/or discuss
• Workstations with terminals; open plan design with focus spaces
• A casual sit-down area featuring e.g., low tables, bean bags, cushions, puffs or similar
• Shelving units to accommodate a portion of the ECCC’s library collection (approximately 60 linear metres of books and reading materials). Non-conventional shelving units may be used to separate different spaces around the room. Display shelves and cabinets may be considered.
• A reception desk area
• Approximately 20 lockers

Designs should leverage natural light combined with direct and indirect interior lighting. UV protection for windows will be necessary.
While the venue will be open to the general public, the ECCC seeks to attract younger generations in particular, including students and young professionals. Interactive, digital and non-traditional means of engagement with information and research should be considered including Sonic chairs, capsules, tablet devices and interactive displays.
Limitations such as vertical and horizontal height and pillars will require special attention during the design phase. Adjustments based on retrofitting works (expected in 2023) will need to be taken into consideration.
3. Description of lots

This award is divided into four lots, as described below. Bidders are invited to submit proposals for one, some or all lots. Irrespective of submissions, UNAKRT reserves the right to award:
• All lots to one bidder
• Each lot to different bidders
• One or more lots to one bidder, while awarding the remaining to other bidder(s), or not awarding some lots.
The scope of works includes:
3.1. Archives repository
LOT 1: Concept and design including architectural elements, MEP, FF&E, finishes etc
LOT 2: Complete outfitting, which may include pre-construction and construction management, to fully implement the design according to approved specifications
3.2. Archives resource centre
LOT 3: Concept and design including architectural elements, MEP, FF&E, finishes etc
LOT 4: Complete outfitting, which may include pre-construction and construction management, to fully implement the design according to approved specifications
4. Requirements
• Design phase for each space is not to exceed 1.5 months. All construction to be completed within six months of retrofitting works.
• Site inspection is possible during the bidding period.
• Interested bidders will be are required to submit the following relevant to the lot(s) for which they submit proposals:
4.1. For all lots:
1. Detailed methodology
2. Detailed project delivery schedule
3. Evidence of previous experience with design and/or construction projects in Cambodia (i.e. evidenced by project briefs, client references, photographs etc), in particular projects with Cambodian government or public (including international) institutions. The size, scope and approximate budget of previous experience must be highlighted
4. Names, profiles, qualifications, certifications and experience of proposed team, (sub)contractors and/or vendors
5. Proposed costs associated with all planning and technical works. Bidders must provide an itemized quotation which shall be assessed as part of the financial proposal
4.2. Additionally, for lots 2 and 4:
6. Safety standards and evidence of own/vendors’ qualification/compliance with local (Cambodian) certifications to undertake the above work

Closing date: 
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 17:00