Joint Statement on the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Joint Statement 
H.E. Dr. Sok An, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in Charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers, Chairman of the Royal Government Task Force on Khmer Rouge Trials 
Mr. Stephen Mathias, Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs of the United Nations 
Phnom Penh, 17 November 2015 

Following a meeting held at the Office of the Council of Ministers, both parties welcomed, on the occasion of the opening of the appeal hearing in Case 002/01 before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the progress made by the ECCC in its judicial work.  

The parties recognized the value of the ECCC’s contributions in the areas of victims’ participation and outreach, including broad attendance at public hearings.  The ECCC’s experience in these areas is becoming an important reference point in the developing practice of international criminal law. 

The parties discussed an ongoing difference of view, as set out in diplomatic correspondence between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the United Nations, regarding the full implementation of the cooperation obligations set out in the ECCC Agreement with respect to the two Cases currently under judicial investigation. The parties agreed on the importance of a fully satisfactory solution being reached as soon as possible, consistent with the terms of the Agreement, and that relevant steps will be taken by the Royal Government to this end. 

The parties welcomed the willingness of the Royal Government to support the Secretary-General’s request to the General Assembly in respect of a subvention for the ECCC’s operations in 2016, and its willingness to continue to provide sufficient direct contributions to the national component of the ECCC to assure its full funding, taking into account pledged contributions from international donors. It is hoped that these measures will result in financial stability for the ECCC in 2016.  

The Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs is pleased to be visiting the ECCC at this time, given the importance of this phase of Case 002/01, following his attendance at the ECCC’s milestone trial judgment in those proceedings in August 2014. The ECCC’s work in this regard reflects the shared commitment of the Royal Government, the United Nations and the international community to advancing the ECCC’s pursuit of justice and accountability for the crimes of the Khmer Rouge. 
Date issued: 
Tuesday, November 17, 2015